Ocean River Institute at Boston GreenFest 2022. Photo by Rob Moir

I do care about the nematodes, but the rabbits are more important

Rob Moir
6 min readAug 25, 2022

“Algae eats the fertilizer. Then there are too many algae, no more oxygen and the fish die.”

“Carbon capture, yes.”

“Do not take away my bees.”

“I’ll leave the bees.”

“I think water has got to stay at the top. Because we in a drought”

“Fertilizer creates sunspills. I feel that could be lower down.”


“I feel that rabbits, themselves, are not . . .”

“Just rabbits!”

“There are so many rabbits.”

“Is this even a reason? Leave the grass clippings on the lawn to fertilize.”

“Pollutes ground water is definitely important.”

“Fertilizer kills Nematodes. We don’t have to worry about the nematodes.”

“Stop nutrient pollution and pollutes groundwater that kind of goes with stop harmful algal blooms.”

“I think this one is Biodiversity, that’s a big reason.”

“Save money, in this economy? It should go high. Mm maybe not.”

“I care about the rabbits.”

“I care about the rabbits, too. Nematodes? You do not care about the nematodes?”



Rob Moir

Rob Moir is writing environmental nonfiction and writes for the Ocean River Institute and the Global Warming Solutions IE-PAC newsletter.